April 2016 – its been a year now

Cheers, its been well over a year now since I was released from Hospital, so here is some of what has happened.

Up to October 2015, I think it was, I was still under forced psychiatric order, then I won a hearing at the control commission ( Kontroll kommisjonen ) and was released from forced psychiatric treatment, which meant the state could no longer inject me with their drugs on a regular basis ( which was all that they want to do).

The year has been good for most parts, spent most of my time hibernating in my apartment, getting my economy back on it’s feet and focusing on organizing the group I am working with, I am still taking sleeping medications ( Zopliclone ), well light ones, as I have some issues with keeping a regular routine.

Else from that it has not been a bad year, at all. Now its 2016 and I am considering my options on whether to remain put or start considering moving on, Denmark and the south sounds tempting still. However moving is expensive when you got shit to move.

I still have regular visits from the Hospital that checks up on me and gives me prescriptions as needed. They become most cooperative, else from that I live in splendid isolation, well except from the internet and all the comrades I meet online

here are some Spring photos to enjoy

April 2016 - spring has come to Skien 2April 2016 - spring has come to Skien 1

2015 – February 6 : Porsgrunn DPS

Haven’t been writing in a while now, a lot has happened, first off I managed to get myself a new flat on the 19th of January, signed the contract and all, however it broke my economy totally. Also the flat needed all new furniture, oven, fridge, and so on.. I managed to get furniture online on a used marked very cheap, and to my luck one of the staff in the hospital knew of a apartment being emptied, so i got all the goods from there including washing machine, so basically the apartment is ready to move into. much thanks to Arvid and the staff for helping to move the stuff and providing a hanger and a car.

I got transferred on the 5th of February to the open clinic Porsgrunn DPS and will stay here for a month or 3 weeks according to their plan, I am still under forced psychiatric care and forced drugging but its looking a bit brighter.

The new hospital (Porsgrunn DPS) seems very relaxed, and has about 15 bedposts, its an open clinic which means the doors are open and you can come and go as you will. you can also stay up pretty late in the evening and basically its a lot more open and relaxed environment


2015 – January 16 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Woke up around 05:00 had a smoke  but no coffee until 6 am because that’s the rules here at night.

Think i broke my own record yesterday. I slept all night and got up 08:30  then went back to bed and slept all of the day until 22:00 totally wasted  I went back to bed and slept to 3 am, got up and smoked and slept to 5 am..    amazing i cant remember I have slept such a long stretch ever before.

—————————– o ——————————–


Guard is Inger lise

Was supposed to go on some activity today, some ballplay but it got cancelled because something came up.


I have removed the last names of the doctor and  a guard that verbally abused me in order to anonyme  them somewhat after i request from the chief-doctor Malene. I tried to get hold of the lawyer to have him evaluate whether  it was legal or not, but he was not available.


—————————– o ——————————–


2015 – January 14 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

The Apathy must end here. I have been dormant now for a month or so.

Today I had a meeting with the chief doctor Malene here about transfer to the open clinic ( which was my original request upon hospitalization ).


In addition i complained again on the medications, As it is now I receive anti psychotics as sleeping medication, I told her this is unacceptable, these drugs were never designed to be used  as sleeping medication, they were designed to dull the mind into a more vegetative condition.. You know impair those receptors in the brain.. drowsiness is a side effect. and its not working very well with me it just makes me more apathetic as it is..

I was also told that the hospital has lawyers working on censoring this blog now, and they requested I anonymise the doctor and staff here as they do not want family and friends to find their names in this blog, I said I had to discuss this with the lawyer first. waiting for him to call me back

14:40 Dinner

I have caved in and realized that the only way out of this situation is to again find a new apartment and bankrupt myself another time.

2015 – January 1 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Well hey there, I have not written in a while possible because of a serious case of apathy that has come over me, There is not much to say I am, and is, still hospitalized.

I have internet access and I have used it to broadcast the radio. However since I was blocked on Facebook I have not been able to keep up with friends much, Now the ban has been lifted and I feel a bit more encouraged to communicate, however I am down and out these days, my situation seems a bit hopeless to say the least.

Hopefully I will be transferred this month to a open clinic ( DPS – district psychiatric center ) and I might be transferred to voluntary hospitalization so I can get rid of these drugs they keep injecting me with.


2014 – December 15 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Sorry have not been very good at writing this blog last week, due to a serious case of apathy that came over me.

The weekend progressed slowly, tried to DJ some music on the radio on friday however there was very few listerners so I cut it short, on sunday I DJed some more music on the radio Guerilla and there was quite a bunch of people tuning in.

Since Friday i had another bladder infection, this one did not pass quietly so I am now also on Antibiotics..

Today at 12:30 was injection day with another injection of 108 ml of trillafon. Sorry i wrote in earlier posts 1ml it was my missunderstanding, it is supposed to be 108 ml

I was also informed some chief doctor from a high security ward wanted to have a chat with me around 14:30 I think it was.. I wonder what they have cooked up now to make my life worse.


In other news a collection to pay the fine of the Mexican activist whom crashed the Nobel Peace ceremony gathered some attention in Norwegian Media, I donated 200 NOK to help pay his fine and lawyer fees.





Well what they had cooked together was a threat of a lawsuit against me for threats of violence ?!?, but what threats are they talking about, because the only ones perpetrating violence here is the hospital through the use of forced hospitalization, removal of freedom, and forced drugging with a drug that has no apparent postive effect on me.

——————— o ———————-

Meeting tomorrow with the doctor

——————— o ———————-

A large blister have formed in the gums around the dying tooth in the back.

——————— o ———————-

23:55 took 200 mg ceroquell and 5 mg zopliclone zzzZZZ

2014 – December 09 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Woke up around 9, though went back to bed and slept to 12:45 at least. ZZZzzzzzzZZzz

They tried to wake me up once with morning gymnastics, however I hate those things so I kept sleeping on. It is something new they started with. Who in their right mind jumps out of bed to do training excersizes ?

——————- o ——————-

!4:30 Dinner, beef ragu today


——————- o ——————-

15:56 showed a movie on the tv using the laptop 🙂

——————- o ——————-

Broadcasted 3 hours of revolutinary music this evening, was great at most there was 14 listerners 🙂
——————- o ——————-

23:49 Took 200 mg Ceroquell, and 5 mg Zopliclone to ensure a good night sleep

2014 – December 08 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Woke up around 10 am had coffee and smoke.

Not much to tell about the weekend, spent the majority of it just sleeping and doing nothing constructive. did not do a broadast
either this weekend.

Gave internet access to an inmate here.

————- o ————–

doctor called me to a meeting this morning and asked me to stop sharing my internet access, I complied so I changed the password
for the wifi.
————- o ————–

13:50 Injection of Trillafon 108 ml again.
————- o ————–

14:30 Dinner served

Apathy rules my day in the last week or so, feel like doing nothing contructive anymore..


last ned

————- o ————–

Jooyoun phoned me to hear how I am, and if I was alright

————- o ————–