Another year has passed and now 2017 has come

Been awhile since I have written, things are not going to good at the moment, I am feeling very isolated again and I conceive that someone in Skien is again at work spreading slander and shit, it might be that in the last half year or so I thought I was starting make some acquaintances around the neighborhood, people I met at the local Pubs and at the Hospital, however it is becoming clear that they might not have been friendly at all.. There is not much i can do about it, except try to be prepared

This summer I got to know my neighbor Remy, it did not go very well, he is far far to the right, used my internet without paying up anything at all and turned out to be shady as well, then I became friend with a acquaintance of him, Mario, that lived at my place through the summer..  as he left for England I just continued drinking and going to Pubs burning my savings, in the end I had decided to voluntarily stay at the open clinic at Telemark Psychiatric Hospital for a week in order to try to get off the binge drinking, it did not work very well  Then there was this lady I met at the Porsgrunn Dps back in 2015, Ingrid, she turned out to be quite shady and stole my sleeping medications and may have tried to get me in trouble, kicked her out twice, and last time was the final.

To top it all off, I got assaulted by what must have been fascists at a local Pub ( Gimle), neither the staff nor the guests there did anything or assist me, not even calling police nor ambulance.

I also lost my phone there when it happened. Later I had to get myself to the hospital to have a look at chapped lips and I found out that the pub had a video recording of it all, so I went to the fucking police to get them to get the video and disclose the identities of these fascists so I could either retrieve my phone and/or get compensation and their identities… I should have known better than to appeal to the fucking police, because the police just did not give a fuck and did nothing, effectively protecting and sanctioning it

I am so fed up with Norway at the moment and all the bloody fascists that hide around in the closets and basements, so I may have to either move back to the capitol, even as expensive as that may be or.. leave the country and move abroad, i am going to discuss this with the social services. What I would really like doing this year is locating a part time job once again, but if that is not possible I can just as well retire abroad, in a milder climate and maybe get more involved in activism, and maybe end this hostile isolation

I have been preparing somewhat, getting travel gear, clothes and survival equipment and such in order, however the thought of going back to homelessness is not so welcome as its January.

As for the Psychiatry, yes they come by regularly and check up on me still, however there is not much to they can or are willing to do about my situation, the nurse suggested me  to attend group meetings at the red cross to socialize, I just do not see how that will resolve my situation at all…

Anyhow 2017 does not seem very promising, but then again 2016 has not been the best year either.

, January 8, 2017. Category: Telemark Sykehus.

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