“When evening comes, and I go to bed. I am laid in belts and when I wake up and want to turn over, I must be unlocked”

Every day for two years a woman who is in her 30s have been chained to belts at Gaustad Hospital. Her only wish is to die.

SHE WRITING FROM THE INSIDE of Gaustad Hospital. The small room has gray-white walls. On the table in front of her is a few papers and an empty bottle of Pepsi Max. The only sound is the roar of an air conditioning system.

For three months, through over 250 emails to VG, she has portrayed her life on lockdown unit.

There is no other patient in Norway which is treated in a similar manner:

For nearly two years, the woman, who is in early 30s, have been restrained in  belts all or part of a day. When she writes, the arms strapped into belts bolted to the desk.

Day and night she watched by nurses.

She can not take a shower or go to the bathroom alone. When the family visits her, they are always supervised. She weighs 40 kilograms and is chronically self-harmer.



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, April 24, 2016. Category: Gaustad, Various.

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