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2015 – February 6 : Porsgrunn DPS

Haven’t been writing in a while now, a lot has happened, first off I managed to get myself a new flat on the 19th of January, signed the contract and all, however it broke my economy totally. Also the flat needed all new furniture, oven, fridge, and so on.. I managed to get furniture online on a used marked very cheap, and to my luck one of the staff in the hospital knew of a apartment being emptied, so i got all the goods from there including washing machine, so basically the apartment is ready to move into. much thanks to Arvid and the staff for helping to move the stuff and providing a hanger and a car.

I got transferred on the 5th of February to the open clinic Porsgrunn DPS and will stay here for a month or 3 weeks according to their plan, I am still under forced psychiatric care and forced drugging but its looking a bit brighter.

The new hospital (Porsgrunn DPS) seems very relaxed, and has about 15 bedposts, its an open clinic which means the doors are open and you can come and go as you will. you can also stay up pretty late in the evening and basically its a lot more open and relaxed environment