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2015 – January 16 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Woke up around 05:00 had a smoke  but no coffee until 6 am because that’s the rules here at night.

Think i broke my own record yesterday. I slept all night and got up 08:30  then went back to bed and slept all of the day until 22:00 totally wasted  I went back to bed and slept to 3 am, got up and smoked and slept to 5 am..    amazing i cant remember I have slept such a long stretch ever before.

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Guard is Inger lise

Was supposed to go on some activity today, some ballplay but it got cancelled because something came up.


I have removed the last names of the doctor and  a guard that verbally abused me in order to anonyme  them somewhat after i request from the chief-doctor Malene. I tried to get hold of the lawyer to have him evaluate whether  it was legal or not, but he was not available.


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2015 – January 14 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

The Apathy must end here. I have been dormant now for a month or so.

Today I had a meeting with the chief doctor Malene here about transfer to the open clinic ( which was my original request upon hospitalization ).


In addition i complained again on the medications, As it is now I receive anti psychotics as sleeping medication, I told her this is unacceptable, these drugs were never designed to be used  as sleeping medication, they were designed to dull the mind into a more vegetative condition.. You know impair those receptors in the brain.. drowsiness is a side effect. and its not working very well with me it just makes me more apathetic as it is..

I was also told that the hospital has lawyers working on censoring this blog now, and they requested I anonymise the doctor and staff here as they do not want family and friends to find their names in this blog, I said I had to discuss this with the lawyer first. waiting for him to call me back

14:40 Dinner

I have caved in and realized that the only way out of this situation is to again find a new apartment and bankrupt myself another time.

2015 – January 1 : Telemark general hospital : Skien

Well hey there, I have not written in a while possible because of a serious case of apathy that has come over me, There is not much to say I am, and is, still hospitalized.

I have internet access and I have used it to broadcast the radio. However since I was blocked on Facebook I have not been able to keep up with friends much, Now the ban has been lifted and I feel a bit more encouraged to communicate, however I am down and out these days, my situation seems a bit hopeless to say the least.

Hopefully I will be transferred this month to a open clinic ( DPS – district psychiatric center ) and I might be transferred to voluntary hospitalization so I can get rid of these drugs they keep injecting me with.