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The dark side of Telemark, Norway – Where people are driven to suicide with a smile

I moved to Notodden, Telemark in February 2014 after recomendations of a Kim Meyer Olsen of the I.W.W union. I was connected to the services of the District Psychiatric Center there under a Doctor Erik Dale, since I was under forced psychiatric treatment. Shortly after I came there they released me and I moved into an apartement in Peter Hognestads Gate 9. A very pleasant apartement in what seemed like a nice small town in the countryside.

As the months progressed I focused mainly on settling down, and decided that I would live here and save up money, I almost quit drinking started on a project of reducing smoking while I worked on the website project and the internet radio while, trying to organize a collective of activists as admins that would take a active role on the website , where they could realize their political projects. Also I worked hard with building an audience our facebook page by delivering interesting articles, news and information.

I july, I decided to put off the work, and focus on the apartement and on taking time off by playing online games while saving money all summer to organize my economy better, to so possible expand and improve the services on the website.

I had also gotten to know some of the neighbors, two elderly ladies living there who warned me of the two young men living in the building, a Kim “krim” Solberg and another drug addicted young man living in the attic. I did not have any contact with anyone else in this period, and Kim Meyer Olsen seemed as time progressed to avoid of me.

In August I was called in to the Notodden DPS hospital and the doctor Erik Dale wrote me out of forced psychiatric healthcare, however invited me to visit a support center ( of which i did not).As time progressed up to september, I mostly spent my time playing EVE online, and purchase a small mini pad PC to host the radio on from the savings of the summer. This improved the brradcasts considerable.

Then one day in the middle of September I noticed that the house was totally quiet, no cars parked, no people in the Apt. House, except from Kim “krim” Solberg who came and left. This triggered my instinct that something was odd or wrong.

The following days I noticed the same, the Apt. building was empty… no kids playing outside, no cars. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I got more and more worried about this Kim “krim” Solberg and in the end phoned my contact in town, Kim Meyer Olsen. Who told me that everything was normal, and nothing was wrong, he said the neighbors had probably left for a Farmers festival taking place and would come around soon. I explained to him my worry about the neighbor, which he did not really give any real answer to.

I settled in and accepted this explanation, and thought I was just paranoid, then later the same evening I got a SMS from my older sister, Liss Hege Dahl Jensen, of whom I have no contact with and consider a neo-nazi and a psychopath. This triggered me because she would never contact me unless something was up. and her text message said she was coming to visit me… Last time that happened I had to flee to France… needless to say I slept poorly that night and argued with my exgf in South Korea, Jooyoun Cho about this situation, and I agreed to go and see the DPS Notodden clinic and Dr. Erik Dale the next day.

I was up early that morning, and phoned my exgf to talk wityh her before I “turned” myself in to the DPS hospital, when it came over me to google this neighbor of mine, so I googled this Kim “krim” Solberg and what did I find…. Kim Meyer Olsen and Kim “Krim” Solberg was friends on facebook and Kim “Krim” Solberg also belonged to the I.W.W union. Why would Kim Meyer Olsen avoid of informing that my neighbor was part of the same union and political group as me at the time ? and why did the neighbors warn me about him and why was he the only other person the building ? and why was my sister trying to get hold of me ?

It went totallly over my head as I headed to the Psychiatric clinic to talk with them. Dr. Erik Dale was not there so I talked to two female doctors instead, mostly realted to that I was suffering from lack of sleep, which made them worried. Anyhow I presented this odd story to them and they agreed it sounded very odd, especially since I talked to Kim Meyer Olsen on a wednessday evening and the so called festival started on the following friday.

The two doctors was uncertain how to deal with this and decided to send me to Skien General hospital for a evaluation that friday, on the following monday The Chief-Doctor Svein Nordeide decided to send me back to the DPS clinic in Notodden.

As the week progressed I felt more and more threatened and my instinct was telling me to get out of Notodden, there was a lot of cars driving by with banging music outside the clinic, I was getting more and more angry about the situation as i realized that I had been setup by Kim Meyer Olsen under the guise of the I.W.W union. In the end about a week later I was sent back to Skien General hospital and Svein Nordeide. after much harse words had been exchanged.After I came to Skien, I received what I see as numeros threats of murder and sexual violence and harrasments, an attempt to psyche me totally out, I experience people reacting to me outside, calling me names or staring at me as if I was from another planet. While the doctor Svein Nordeide and my ex-girlfriend insists that this is voices in my head., and urging me to ingest and increase the doses of anti-psychotics, however none of the anxiety, anger, bitterness and confusion and memories of earlier similar experiences seem to go away or ease much. As I am detained and cannot leave the hospital my paranoia and anxiety from the threats and harrasements continue forcing me to increase medications and sedatives. While isloation increases. This is sheer torture, as they deny everything I experience saying it is all in my mind. At the same time they commit ultra right wing extremists from the same area of where Kim Meyer Olsen resides in freedom who threatens me and terrorize me, forcing me into a confrontation, without the staff interveening in any way, with the only outcme that the Fascist gets released from hospital while I remain detained and drugged.

This is what Svein Nordeide and my ex-girlfriend Jooyoun Cho see as treatment.

This is the beginning of Fascism of Norway in 2014

As Utah phillips says … These People have names and adresses..
Dr. Svein Nordeide
ulefossveien 55
Akuttpsyk 19a
Skien 3728
+47 35005710