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2013 – April 2 – Grorud DPS

“doctor” Elisabeth Winge phoned today and left a message on phone and a text message to contact her, I woke up around 1300 and after a coffee phoned her back, they want me to come to an appointment tomorrow to discuss the situation, to which I responded that I am not coming in voluntarily to get medicated by force. She then said they just wanted to talk about therapy, there was not going to be a forced medication, at least not tomorrow, so I guess I will have to get up tomorrow and go there.


2013 – April 1 – Grorud DPS

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Michael Ellner
“doctor” Marek Kielszczyk phoned me on the 26th of march saying I had to phone him back, apparently they wanted to offer me therapy instead of forced medication which sounds much better, though I seriously doubt anything will come out of therapy as we really don’t have anything to talk about, however I was sleeping most of the day, so I phoned him back on the 27th and left a message for him, however he never responded.

on 28th I received the answer from my complaint regarding forced medication and it did not go in my favor as expected. “doctor” Kirsti Haakens processed this complaint, the meeting was short and was oriented mostly around how I am doing and how I feel these days, I told her I feel absolutely fine, sleep well and I never needed the drugs in the first place to begin with.

However Marek Kielszczyk interupted the meeting at the start and end as he wanted to discuss medicines with her, so the meeting ended earlier than planned and I left while Marek Kielszczyk stayed on to have a chat with her ( Kirsti Haakens)

Tomorrow, April 2, holidays are over so I will see what they have to say, if they intend continuing their regime over my life and medicate me by force, it will be time to start looking for leaving Norway behind and relocate.

Else from that easter passed quietly, just chilling at home
oh by the way I have been invited to participate on WSO National convention on the 20th of April


2013 – March 15 – Grorud DPS

Went to see “doctor” Marek Kielszczyk this morning, tired as hell did not sleep well last night because of their threats of forced medication and spent countless hours thinking on where to travel, before I had to take a sleeping pill for the first time since I left hospital.

According to him there are no side effects of this new Rispedal cinto or cento or something that he plans to inject me with, a blatant lie I call it. Apparently you only get one injection per month with this drug.

Anyhow after much talk he managed to get his computer working, I decided to test him and asked him for a prescription of sleeping medicine, even though I showed him a pile of sleeping tablets that I had since august 2012, and he gave me a new prescription at once. without thinking.

I signed a complaint to the city chief “doctor” dept. and has to wait until a doctor contacts me to evaluate the case.

I think I have to leave Norway in order to get some peace, luckily it is spring soon
Here is something to think about

2013 – March 14 – Grorud DPS

Yesterday “doctor” sent me a text message saying they want contact with me, anyhow I sent them a text message that I was not interested in contact with them and told them to stop terrorizing me. After some messages back and forth they said they had to meet me so they would come and visit me to discuss the situation.

The “doctors” are Marek Kielszczyk and Elisabeth Winge

After they came the discussion mostly were around that they had to uphold the former doctors decision to medicate me by force, and they intend to do medicate me by force again, while I tried to argue that it was entirely up to them to decide this and they could write me out of forced psych. Treatment they denied this and said they had to do this regardless whether I was “sick” or not because of judicial reasons.

I was allowed to make a complaint to the Chief City Doctor, however thats serves no real purpose at all as you will very rarely find a Norwegian doctor willing to go against his colleagues.

We discussed several topics around my hospitalization and how there has been a smear campaign against me, whereas relatives have managed to have me portrayed as a violent, crazy person with their false statements to the “authorities” in Norway.

Marek received phone number of my lawyer as he wanted to get more information on the upcomingcourt hearing.

Anyhow they intend to uphold the forced psychiatric treatment regardless whether I have any needs for medication or not, these days I don’t use any medicines, not even sleeping tablets..

I have to visit their office tomorrow to sign a complaint on this treatment.

2013 – March 4 – Grorud DPS

was supposed to be medicated on friday 1st, however none contacted me and no police came on the door, since then I been fearing having to wake up one of these mornings with cops on the door, a very uneasy feeling to have in general.

2013 – February 19 – Grorud DPS

Since I now is not hospitalized ( but still under forced psychiatric healthcare) I will not write everyday, only when I am in contact with Grorud DPS and their thugs the Police. I expect to have the police on my door at least once a week from the 20th

cleaned up the entire apt. Today, traded to me a matress from my neighbor for a bottle of vodka



2013 – February 18 – Gaustad

Weekend was long and boring as usual lots of good food since I was leaving on monday they had decided to order in extra good food.
Monday 18

woke up very early before 9, probably because i was leaving hospital on monday

meeting with «doctor» Anja Schanke Sundet. Meeting was short she handed me the paperwork said a few words, and I was free.

Stayed until dinner and left shortly after, took a taxi back to apt. Which was in a poor condition. Bought some Cognac and celebrated my freedom, which isnt really freedom at all. Though its good to be out of the hospital.

2013 – February 15 – Gaustad

Woke up at normal time 09:25

Guard is Per

———— o ————

got injection after dinner, 50 mg Rispedal, hurt like hell, had to lie down for 10 minutes..

———— o ————

No meeting with «doctors» today and spent most of the day doing little useful except smoking.

———— o ————

Evening guard is Miriam

Worked on the start page most of the evening, fixed up everything so its all done now and its ready to be used.

3 days left until I am being transferred to Grorud DPS and can go home.

———— o ————

Received 25mg Nozinan at 21:00

———— o ————

Received 10 mg stilnoct, 5 mg valium 22:45


Now it’s week end so I will write more next week

happy week end to everyone out there.

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