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2014 : Telemark Sykehus : a Prologue

Time has come, for writing a prologue to update people on how I ended up in Skien at Telemark hospital. Its been awhile since I updated the blog properly and for a while back in 2013 it looked like I wouldnt need to continue writing this Journal but wrong I was indeed a lot happened since then, and now I am back hospitalized and under similar conditions as in Tromso back in 2011.


here goes :

After much back and forth in spring of 2013, I decided to leave for Cologne,Germany, where a comrade of mine was living and interested in sharing apt, before I ended up hospitalized again. Grorud DPS really went far to  try having me put under forced hospitalization and put away, but they they did not manage it at the time due to some unknown doctor at AHUS.

The reason I left was that my neighbour, Lamin Ceesay, had gone all psycho after I refused to provide him with cigarettes, and Grorud DPS offered only one solution … hospitalization…   another  reason was  my comrade in Cologne  that was sick at the time ( heart disease) and needed help.

I travelled in middle of July through Kongsvinger and planned to take a train to Copenhagen or at  least to Malmø, however  the  plan failed miserable, first of it was weekend so the train was full of people, I had a hard time to understand swedish  and the geography of which train to catch, and lastly but most important I did like the doctors had told me to do, to take Nozinan against anxiety, which ended up with me travelling disoriented and in a haze, I am not sure but I came under the impression that one passenger was threatening me on the train and with the help of a friendly female conductor dissembarked the train to take a different train to Gotheburg.

When I came to Gotherburg, I was in a real bad shape because of the Nozinan, and  instead of looking for a camp-place, I crashed at a hotel, next day I took a Swebus to Copenhagen. All  was fine  until I came to Copenhagen, anxiety grew as I walked the streets in the company of a backpacker from the UK, I experienced people shouting shit at me, and I resorted to take Nozinan again. Later on a  friendly lady did her best to help me locate a hostel or hotel to stay overnight in, but it was full everywhere, so in the end she gave up, I decided to head to the outskirts of the city to camp overnight and jumped into a taxi to  quickly get me out of there,the  taxi driver  though told me as we  reached the outskirts of a hotel nearby that was  cheap and might have rooms. I went there just to check and a room they had indeed, so I checked in, ordered a pizza and had two cold beers with it before I retired. What I was hoping was going be a good rest before  I could spend all of Sunday just having a look around in Copenhagen, quickly turned  into a nightmare…

as it appeared I had room just above the entrance of the hotel and 10 minutes after I had retired, a car grinned  to a halt outside  the hotel and lots of east Europeans exited the car, apparently a quarrel ensued outside  the hotel between the east Europeans and someone else, onje of them said loudly “he owe me money”. All of this triggered me and I phoned the Police which in turn refused to come, so I went downstairs armed with my pocket knife to see what was going on, by then it appeared  the car was gone and so was the parties outside, however 4 men was  hanging about the entrance of the hotel with no specific purpose in mind and so forth made me ultra paranoid, i phoned a taxi and to make a long story short I ended up at Bispebjerg psychiatric hospital to which i spend almost two weeks at while the radio was playing A-HA and the patients was high on drugs and extremely threatening.. I tried to contact the youth-house ( ungdomshuset ) and local ANTIFA but got no help or response except from Peter Juriens. I also got  message that my comrade in Cologne had died of heart attack. In the end the chief-doctor wrote me out of that horrible hospital with the diagnosis “drug related psychosis” amazing what two cold beers can do…. Anyhow the danish doctor recommended me to return to Norway, so I did.


After I returned in august, I contacted Grorud DPS and explained my situation especially in regard to the apt in Oslo to which I needed help to move from, I was promised help and the doctor said I could stay at a open clinic in Nittedal while they sorted things out, nothing could be further from the truth, they drove me  up to AHUS ( central hospital ) and had me put under forced psychiatry, what then ensued was several month of mental torture with a doctor only interested  in drugging me and discussing old stuff from the 2000s, while I was trying to get help from people i knew on the internet without success..

nothing was resolved with my current situation at that time, not until I was transferred to a long term hospital called Lurud in October, a friendly Danish doctor there started to discuss and correct what  the madman doctor at AHUS had  been doing, even helping a bit out with getting me internet and providing support for getting me out of the old apt in Oslo. Shortly after I was again looking for a new apt all over the region, except Oslo. At that time I had a lot of communication over the months with a Kim Meyer Olsen from the Norwegian branch of the IWW, and he had recommended me to look for apt in Notodden, Telemark as it was cheap  and the town was according to him notoriously “red” and there was a big active political environment there and I would quickly find friends there.

As things progressed I found an apartment by chance in Notodden advertised with a fair price and all and by December I had signed a contract on it for one year, I was transferred from Lurud to Notodden DPS in January 2014 and  things went very smooth, except I was still under forced psychiatric heathcare and was drugged with Rispedal consta ( injection ). on the 18th of February I was written out of Notodden DPS under a doctor Kjetil Dale and  formally moved into the apartment.

Alll was excellent, the apartment was perfect, so in the following months I invested heavily in the apartment while working on the revolt website project. I came to the conclusion that I could live in Notodden for  some years while saving and building up my life, it was a quiet nice town, excellent for me. Also in addition i had a good communication with the doctor at Notodden DPS ( Kjetil Dale) and was taken of medication around end of March I think.

In July I decided to take a break from the website project and  decided to spend the summer playing  online games and in august I was callled in to doctor Kjetil Dale and was written out of forced psychiatric healthcare.

Then in September I started to get weird reactions from people in town, specifically at the supermarket, I did not think much of it at the time, however then one day I got a feeling that things were not as they ought to be at the apartment building, all the cars were gone, all the kids  playing outside was gone, it was like the old building had turned into a ghost house, only person who was there was Kim “krim” Solberg of which the elderly neighbours had warned me off to stay away from because he had a bad reputation.

Needlessly to say once I got the odd feeling of things not being right I progressed towards paranoia and contacted Kim Meyer Olsen who told me that the neighbours probably had left to attend a big food festival. Then later in the evening I got a text message from my neo Nazi sister of which Iwant no contact with.. i freaked out. two days later I was back at the Notodden DPS, however Kjetil Dale was not there so I spoke with two female doctors about the situation, from that conversation it became clear that the festival started that weekend, two days later than what Kim Meyer Olsen had explained… my mind did a flip almost from realizing that.

And the two female doctors decided to send me to Telemark Regional hospital in Skien. I Spent the weekend there and was sent back to the Notodden DPS ( open clinic ), One week passed at Notodden clinic and i was increasingly becoming aware of  all the odd traffic passing slowly by the clinic.. I mean odd as in cars driving by contstantly with music on full retard.

in the end I had a breakdown on the following saturday and demanded to go home to my apartment, as in if it was only paranoia i was was experiencing then there was nothing to fear, so i left the clinic and marched home. neddless to say police came and brought me back to the clinic after a while.

Then on Monday I was transferred back to Telemark Regional hospital and the ward 19A under a doctor Svein Nordeide.

And hell began to form as I stayed at the closed ward in Skien. threats, harrasments in forms of comments and talk between the inmates and the staff. Similar to wwhat I experienced in Tromsø back in 2011. The more I reacted to this the more drugs doctor Svein Nordeide  prescribed, while I kept telling him that social problems and threats cannot be solved with medications, he kepts stating that I over-reacted in regard to the threats and harrasments and I should not take them so seriously without ever getting to the point of why I was being threatened, to which date I still not quite sure but again the question about some sort of debt ( )  keeps coming back as in Tromsø 2011. And what I perecive as the staff spreading lies about me to other inmates, regarding debt and sexual orientation and so on. ( )

Then on a saurday 25th of october I had it, I wrote myself out of the  hospital, ( i had been under voluntary treatment there, not forced ) and travelled to Larvik to take the ferry to Denmark, needless to say I never got on that ferry, first I fell sick from food poisoning, then I couldnt sleep for several days and my state of mind was degrading, On tuesday i left a hotel i had spent sunday and monday in. Several strangers reacted to me in a hostile ways, after much arguing with my ex girlfriend Jooyoun Cho I travelled back to Skien to get medicines  or possible  voluntary stay at a DPS clinic while I sorted things out, none of that happened and I ended up travelling back to Larvik with the goal of leaving Norway and travel south to France. In the end i was talked into going to the emergency clinic and ask to go back to hospital by Norwegian friends and my ex girlfriend.

Now  I have been transferred to a long term psychosis rehab ward again and again being spoon fed anti psychotics, I have become homeless again as I quickly decided to get out of that apartement in Notodden, loosing all the expensive shit I invested in the apartement as in furniture and stuff.. and had to use deposit to pay my way out of the apartement.



That I think summed up 2013 and this year, I am likely to sit in this hospital now indefinitely awaiting whatever they have planned for me.

2013 – April 2 – Grorud DPS

“doctor” Elisabeth Winge phoned today and left a message on phone and a text message to contact her, I woke up around 1300 and after a coffee phoned her back, they want me to come to an appointment tomorrow to discuss the situation, to which I responded that I am not coming in voluntarily to get medicated by force. She then said they just wanted to talk about therapy, there was not going to be a forced medication, at least not tomorrow, so I guess I will have to get up tomorrow and go there.


2013 – April 1 – Grorud DPS

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Michael Ellner
“doctor” Marek Kielszczyk phoned me on the 26th of march saying I had to phone him back, apparently they wanted to offer me therapy instead of forced medication which sounds much better, though I seriously doubt anything will come out of therapy as we really don’t have anything to talk about, however I was sleeping most of the day, so I phoned him back on the 27th and left a message for him, however he never responded.

on 28th I received the answer from my complaint regarding forced medication and it did not go in my favor as expected. “doctor” Kirsti Haakens processed this complaint, the meeting was short and was oriented mostly around how I am doing and how I feel these days, I told her I feel absolutely fine, sleep well and I never needed the drugs in the first place to begin with.

However Marek Kielszczyk interupted the meeting at the start and end as he wanted to discuss medicines with her, so the meeting ended earlier than planned and I left while Marek Kielszczyk stayed on to have a chat with her ( Kirsti Haakens)

Tomorrow, April 2, holidays are over so I will see what they have to say, if they intend continuing their regime over my life and medicate me by force, it will be time to start looking for leaving Norway behind and relocate.

Else from that easter passed quietly, just chilling at home
oh by the way I have been invited to participate on WSO National convention on the 20th of April


2013 – March 15 – Grorud DPS

Went to see “doctor” Marek Kielszczyk this morning, tired as hell did not sleep well last night because of their threats of forced medication and spent countless hours thinking on where to travel, before I had to take a sleeping pill for the first time since I left hospital.

According to him there are no side effects of this new Rispedal cinto or cento or something that he plans to inject me with, a blatant lie I call it. Apparently you only get one injection per month with this drug.

Anyhow after much talk he managed to get his computer working, I decided to test him and asked him for a prescription of sleeping medicine, even though I showed him a pile of sleeping tablets that I had since august 2012, and he gave me a new prescription at once. without thinking.

I signed a complaint to the city chief “doctor” dept. and has to wait until a doctor contacts me to evaluate the case.

I think I have to leave Norway in order to get some peace, luckily it is spring soon
Here is something to think about

2013 – March 14 – Grorud DPS

Yesterday “doctor” sent me a text message saying they want contact with me, anyhow I sent them a text message that I was not interested in contact with them and told them to stop terrorizing me. After some messages back and forth they said they had to meet me so they would come and visit me to discuss the situation.

The “doctors” are Marek Kielszczyk and Elisabeth Winge

After they came the discussion mostly were around that they had to uphold the former doctors decision to medicate me by force, and they intend to do medicate me by force again, while I tried to argue that it was entirely up to them to decide this and they could write me out of forced psych. Treatment they denied this and said they had to do this regardless whether I was “sick” or not because of judicial reasons.

I was allowed to make a complaint to the Chief City Doctor, however thats serves no real purpose at all as you will very rarely find a Norwegian doctor willing to go against his colleagues.

We discussed several topics around my hospitalization and how there has been a smear campaign against me, whereas relatives have managed to have me portrayed as a violent, crazy person with their false statements to the “authorities” in Norway.

Marek received phone number of my lawyer as he wanted to get more information on the upcomingcourt hearing.

Anyhow they intend to uphold the forced psychiatric treatment regardless whether I have any needs for medication or not, these days I don’t use any medicines, not even sleeping tablets..

I have to visit their office tomorrow to sign a complaint on this treatment.

2013 – March 4 – Grorud DPS

was supposed to be medicated on friday 1st, however none contacted me and no police came on the door, since then I been fearing having to wake up one of these mornings with cops on the door, a very uneasy feeling to have in general.

2013 – February 19 – Grorud DPS

Since I now is not hospitalized ( but still under forced psychiatric healthcare) I will not write everyday, only when I am in contact with Grorud DPS and their thugs the Police. I expect to have the police on my door at least once a week from the 20th

cleaned up the entire apt. Today, traded to me a matress from my neighbor for a bottle of vodka



2013 – February 18 – Gaustad

Weekend was long and boring as usual lots of good food since I was leaving on monday they had decided to order in extra good food.
Monday 18

woke up very early before 9, probably because i was leaving hospital on monday

meeting with «doctor» Anja Schanke Sundet. Meeting was short she handed me the paperwork said a few words, and I was free.

Stayed until dinner and left shortly after, took a taxi back to apt. Which was in a poor condition. Bought some Cognac and celebrated my freedom, which isnt really freedom at all. Though its good to be out of the hospital.

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