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“When evening comes, and I go to bed. I am laid in belts and when I wake up and want to turn over, I must be unlocked”

Every day for two years a woman who is in her 30s have been chained to belts at Gaustad Hospital. Her only wish is to die.

SHE WRITING FROM THE INSIDE of Gaustad Hospital. The small room has gray-white walls. On the table in front of her is a few papers and an empty bottle of Pepsi Max. The only sound is the roar of an air conditioning system.

For three months, through over 250 emails to VG, she has portrayed her life on lockdown unit.

There is no other patient in Norway which is treated in a similar manner:

For nearly two years, the woman, who is in early 30s, have been restrained in  belts all or part of a day. When she writes, the arms strapped into belts bolted to the desk.

Day and night she watched by nurses.

She can not take a shower or go to the bathroom alone. When the family visits her, they are always supervised. She weighs 40 kilograms and is chronically self-harmer.



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2013 – February 18 – Gaustad

Weekend was long and boring as usual lots of good food since I was leaving on monday they had decided to order in extra good food.
Monday 18

woke up very early before 9, probably because i was leaving hospital on monday

meeting with «doctor» Anja Schanke Sundet. Meeting was short she handed me the paperwork said a few words, and I was free.

Stayed until dinner and left shortly after, took a taxi back to apt. Which was in a poor condition. Bought some Cognac and celebrated my freedom, which isnt really freedom at all. Though its good to be out of the hospital.

2013 – February 15 – Gaustad

Woke up at normal time 09:25

Guard is Per

———— o ————

got injection after dinner, 50 mg Rispedal, hurt like hell, had to lie down for 10 minutes..

———— o ————

No meeting with «doctors» today and spent most of the day doing little useful except smoking.

———— o ————

Evening guard is Miriam

Worked on the start page most of the evening, fixed up everything so its all done now and its ready to be used.

3 days left until I am being transferred to Grorud DPS and can go home.

———— o ————

Received 25mg Nozinan at 21:00

———— o ————

Received 10 mg stilnoct, 5 mg valium 22:45


Now it’s week end so I will write more next week

happy week end to everyone out there.

2013 – February 14 – Gaustad

Woke up very early at around 09:00 dozed away time to 09:25 when the smoking lounge opens

Per is guard

———— o ————

Expected forced injection of their poison today however for some unknown reason they had scheduled it instead for tomorrow, so tomorrow’s poison will be 50 mg of rispedal.

———— o ————

The sudden awkward realization that I am the only one here that know who Noam Chomsky is !!!!!!!

———— o ————

Meeting with both «doctors» Anja Schanke Sundet and Kathrine Hallsjø.

Meeting was very short, they just informed me that I could complain about the transfer to grorud DPS, however I will not do that since I long for getting out of here. First thing I am going to do is buy me a bottle of Cognac 😀
I will rather focus my battles on the forced psychiatry and forced medication instead, which will be a court trial with date not set yet.

There was nothing to say during this short meeting, and they gave me two documents, the transfer and a transcript of the meeting between the doctors earlier which I was not able to attend.


Per was quite helpful offering to make copies and gave me some clues regarding the possibility of getting hospital records now released and copies sent to lawyer.. apparently the hospital is not obligated to inform or send copies of documents to your lawyer. Alexander Penley will receive copies though.

———— o ————

Kjetil is evening guard

They wanted to make vegan pizza on saturday since I am leaving, to which I responded they did not have to, if they have to make something make something everyone crave for, namely findus Lasagne.

Spent most of the afternoon working on details and bugs on the start-page and site in general.. there is always something. The start-page ( ) was a instant success, everyone I talked online with liked it and even one of the guards here, Marcus said that he from now on will use that as his home/start page.

Many hours spent just talking to people online, Clemens has now become administrator of the facebook page and will help organize things. Offered to host a blog and a podcast for a comrade, still waiting for answer

———— o ————

Received 25mg Nozinan at 21:00

(«apedopet/monkey drug», as its nicknamed) as if you get higher than 25 mg you become lobotomized in the head the following day. So any higher dose than 25mg is not recommended for anyone, as a poison to help you sleep as it reinforces drowsiness anything between 10mg to 20mg is fine, but expect a slow head and morning with excessive coffee thirst.

———— o ————

Received 10mg stilnoct, 5mg valium at 22:45



2013 – February 13 – Gaustad

Woke up early at 09:25
Janne is guard

———— o ————

Went to dentist today and was mildly surprised that the conditions of my teeth was not that bad as I had imagined.. there were minor holes only in a few teeth, and as the dentist said she expected much worse considering that I have not visited any clinic in 13 years.

Drilled and fixed two holes and she took the extra time to polish two front teeth which was like the rest discolored.




er is evening guard

He had promised me a old ancient anti-nazi button he had if I agreed to see dentist and he delivered it 🙂

Started working on a another project today the start-page for the a-revolt site, finished it almost completely however worked all evening until late on it ( )

———— o ————

Received 25 mg Nozinan at 21:00

———— o ————

Received 10mg stilnoct, 5 mg valium at 22:45

2013 – February 12 – Gaustad

Woke up early today 09:25

Miriam is guard

———— o ————

No meetings scheduled today either, apparantly the doctor is sick ( maybe sick of it all? ) so I guess I just sitting here staring at the wall until she shows up for work or something

Went to collect the mail at 11:00 bought a burger and smoke too, nothing in the mailbox today except fucking advertisements

Got contact information of the new clinic I am being transferred to, for some reason the doctors there refused to give out emails, maybe out of fear of contact with the world outside of the institution.. what is the point of having email if no one knows it. Got contact information of the patient oversight commission.
posted it all in the Action and Contact information page
———— o ————

Eivind is evening guard

Did nothing today and nothing to do today


———— o ————

Received 25 mg Nozinan at 21:00

———— o ————

Received 10mg stilnoct, 5 mg valium at 22:

2013 – February 11 – Gaustad

Week-end went as expected nothing much happening here worked on site a lot, building the video blocks and more

———— o ————

monday 11 february

woke up early

Per is guard

———— o ————

7 days left to i get out of here and transferred to Grorud DPS, nothing was planned for today so most of the day was utter boredom. What will happen once I get out of here I dont know but my future is not looking very bright from what I have gathered here. Leif thinks I need to find a new girlfriend

Jooyoun (ex-girlfriend) phoned me but I did not answer.

———— o ————

Miriam is evening guard

Miriam got back from holiday in Gran Canaria 🙂

spend most of the afternoon and evening working on site, lots of small ideas coming together and lots of time with little else to do.

Re-introduced the feed for the bulletin board and divided a block up into two blocks to make room for it.

Contacted a developer regarding the possibility of him setting up the public forums properly which I have had trouble getting around with.

Tomorrow we will go and collect postage at the apartement.

———— o ————

Received 25 mg Nozinan at 21:00

———— o ————

Received 10mg stilnoct, 5mg valium at 22:45

2013 – February 8 – Gaustad

woke up early today at 09:25
Synne is guard

———— o ————

nothing much happened today either, there was no appointment for a meeting for some unknown reason, I did not bother to ask because these meetings are so pointless in themselves that it would be less than pointless to nag about them.

Time goes so slow here

———— o ————

Per is guard

Per is fixing curtains for the window in my room which has been missing since before I came here.
Probably he will set it up tomorrow or something

Worked on the website again, did final work on the youtube channel integration. And proposed to a comrade who has his own channel to integrate it into the a-revolt site to get more spread and info out. He have not responded yet.

Added more videos from the archives and created one video myself, might create more videos in the weekend.

Kim Meyer wrote a email to the hospital with a statement regarding my situation
too long to be posted here so it will appear on the right side menu later on.

———— o ————

Received 25 mg nozinan at 09:17

———— o ————

Received 10 stilnoct, 5 mg valium at 22:40

That’s it, now it is weekend and I will write more next week.

Have a revolutionary weekend !

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